Why Goat's Milk?
Goats milk protein contains essential amino acids as well as vitamins A and B and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Goat’s milk also delivers calcium, making your skin smoother and healthier. Goat milk specifically contains the reputed highly effective moisturizer capric-capryllic triglyceride. The milk also contains caprylic acid, reducing the alkalinity of your skin, giving it a ph much closer to it’s own natural ph.

• People who prefer goat milk soap claim that it is far less drying and harsh than ordinary water based soap. For those who have sensitive skin or eczema, goat milk soap is a godsend.
• Goat’s Milk has alpha-hydroxy acids which break down the glue holding dead skin cells together. Alpha-hydroxy acid is well known for softening skin and leaving it rejuvenated for a younger appearance.
• Goat’s Milk Soap has a PH level similar to our skin, which helps protect the skin from invading bacteria and chemicals we come in contact with every day.
• People who suffer from skin allergies, winter itches, eczema, and dry skin are frequent users of goat’s milk soap. While we can’t tell you it will heal these conditions, we can tell you it will not further excerbate them.

Did you know...
60% of whatever comes in contact with your skin is assimilated into your system? Goat milk has always been most acceptable for people with sensitive digestive tracts; this is also true of external use. Goat milk is a natural moisturizer that is high in proteins, minerals and vitamins that are easily absorbed into the skin. The number one reason for this is that healthy goats produce healthy milk equals healthy skin and hair. Each of our goats is hand milked two times daily to insure high quality milk. The best goat milk soaps are made from fresh, not powdered goat milk.  We age our soaps to make them milder and longer lasting. To properly care for your bars of Dn’D Family Farms Soap, keep them in a soap dish that drains water away, preventing them from sitting in a pool of water.

Goats Milk Soaps & Lotions

Our idea of making soaps and lotions came about from a need for a good soap that wouldn’t dry the skin, and a lotion that would actually work!  We wanted to use the incredible properties of goat’s milk. After much trial and error, we came up with products that we believe are far more superior and better for your skin that anything you could buy made with water.