Have a greater knowledge of how

your food is produced;
Join Dn'D Family Farms Meat CSA


Have a greater knowledge of how

your food is produced;
Join Dn'D Family Farms Meat CSA

What is a CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. In this relationship between consumer and farm family, the consumer purchases a share of the current year’s livestock, becoming a shareholder in the farm. As a shareholder, the consumer secures a share of the farm’s annual meat production while enjoying many of the same benefits available to the on-site farm family. This allows for a stronger relationship between the consumer and

the farmer and allows the consumer to know exactly how their food is raised.

By joining a meat CSA, you are helping support our local family farm while providing your family with a healthy and nutritious source of meat. You are allowing us the guarantee that our meats will be sold and more easily let us plan for what our future needs will be. You can eat knowing that your meat came from animals that were allowed to roam pastures, eat grass, breath fresh air and generally lead a happy life.
CSA members commit up front to buy meat shares that will give the farmer the capital they need to bring their animals from field to market.

A CSA is a convenient way to eat a variety of local meats without having to invest

in a large freezer.

The CSA provides customers with the following:
• Convenience: to purchase the equivalent of a “share” of a whole animal, made up of an assortment of meat types and cuts, without having to buy a whole animal and a large freezer. Small, regular deliveries, make eating locally easier.
• Superior Quality: We aim to provide our CSA customers with access to the highest quality of food available in the same time it takes as going through the drive-through (well, almost). Our farming practices are pasture raised and humanely treated. We are not Certified Organic. In terms of production practices and quality, we hold ourselves to standards as high as the current Organic standards.
• Availability and consistency: CSA members receive meat shares year round, with a guaranteed quantity of meat delivered. CSA members get first pick of the meat we have available, the rest is what is taken to the farmers market.
• Local food shopping ease: An added advantage of the CSA is the ability to purchase extras when members pick up their share, fresh pastured eggs, natural homemade goat milk soaps and lotions, additional cuts of meat. As a CSA member you will get 10% off additional products you buy at regular price (specials are excluded). You'll also receive a monthly newsletter filled with stories on the farm, recipes, and tips about preparing you meats.

Why a CSA?

CSA is a win-win-win! You secure a quality food supply for the year, you work with the farmer to

grow your food according to your values, you add stability to the farm operation, and insure future availability of your food.
We would like to think that we know and communicate pretty well with our customers. A CSA takes this relationship to the next level. We have observed that there are certain people, you and us included, who are looking for a greater knowledge of and voice in how our food is grown. A primary objective of our CSA will be to put you in closer touch with our farm, our family, and the food that we deliver. Last but not least, the CSA is an interest community that can share activities, recipes, conversation and good times.

What is in a share?
Shares in our meat CSA can consist of a combination of beef, pork, chicken and eggs. The cuts in the bundles could include any of the cuts we offer except the unique items (bones, organs). Of course the option to purchase additional items will always be available at any time at a discounted price for CSA members. The bundles will ultimately be one third ground & stew products, one third roasts and one third higher end cuts (refer to CSA cuts sheet), by averaging you will certainly get your money’s worth. The meats and poultry included in the shares reflect what is available on the farm for that particular month and cannot be customized.


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